Stockinette. Protects your meat.

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Guaranteed food safety

Suited for beef, veal, pork and lamb

Facilitates transportation, storage
and freezing

Avoids oozing (leaking) and condensation

Leaves veterinary stamps visible

Advantages of our netting

In addition to the extensive standard mesh elastic netting portfolio, GREENFLEX can offer you a range of stockinettes suited to protect and pack small or big quarters of meat carcasses for beef, veal, lamb or pork.
This tubular netting type facilitates the transportation, storage and freezing of the meat. Moreover, it eases the handling in the freezing room, avoids the oozing (leaking) of the meat, condensation on the meat and it leaves the veterinary stamps visible.

Stockinettes are used a lot to protect the meat during transportation.  Amongst other advantages, this protects the meat during transportation in the “cold-chain”.

Food Safety

Our stockinettes are approved for food contact and comply with the current EU food safety laws and regulations.

Value for Money

We listen to your needs and translate these into netting applications that meet your expectations.

We can also provide you with a “mix” between elastic netting and stockinette.  In other words, this is a small diameter stockinette that has an elastic inside to keep the caliber.  We call this type “Process” netting.